The week in review.

It was another busy week at Animal Ark. New Volunteer Orientation occurred Saturday, which means we have many additions to our staff. To our new volunteers: Welcome! We hope you’ll make visits to Animal Ark a part of your regular routine. We’ll keep you posted on future orientations, so fear not: There will be plenty of opportunities to make a difference in deserving cats’ and dogs’ lives.

Third time’s a charm: Gomer has found his forever home!

We’ve heard from a lot of people in response to our request for Animal Ark adoption stories! For instance, we heard from the kind folks who gave Gomer a new home back in October. Gomer lived at Animal Ark for over four years and endeared himself to our staff and volunteers. Gomer wasn’t without his challenges, house training being one of them, but you know you’ve found the right home when your adoptive mom responds to that with, “Well, we all have our issues!” Gomer just spent his first Christmas with his new family. Fifteen people gathered, including a lot of children, and Gomer took it in stride and relished the attention. We look forward to many years of updates from Gomer’s new family.


Another Merry Christmas thanks to an Animal Ark adoptive parent!

And it’s not just dogs who are in today’s good news. Animal Ark cat volunteers knew Autumn as a sweet cat who could quickly become over-stimulated. As evidenced by this photograph, Autumn has clearly adjusted quite well to life outside of Animal Ark! Autumn’s mom, Jennifer, saw Animal Ark’s booth outside a Miranda Lambert concert. Soon thereafter she visited our shelter, and that sealed the deal. It turns out that Autumn isn’t just a snuggler, but also a mouser of some skill. We love hearing stories like this, Animal Ark pets who have bounced back to our shelter, only to find their forever homes on the second or third try (though of course the first time is ideal). Our thanks to Jennifer, and parents like her, for giving pets like Autumn the perfect environment in which to thrive.



Indy being spoiled on Christmas, like all pets should be.


We also heard from Lauren whose family adopted Indy in February 2017. Lauren wanted to share how much joy Indy has brought to their home. “He brings so much happiness and love to our family…he fit in immediately. I could not imagine our home without him. Thank you for all that you do!” The thanks goes to you, Lauren, for providing Indy a home. It’s clear from your photographs that Indy is loved and has found his forever home!




And finally, below is a sampling of some of last week’s adoptions! As always it’s bittersweet watching beloved pets leave our care. Our staff and volunteers develop genuine bonds with these cats and dogs, but that’s the thing about what we do: There’s always a new crop of deserving animals close on their heels, and we take solace in knowing that the animals leaving our care will be loved for a lifetime just like Gomer, Autumn and Indy. Keep those pictures and stories coming, and feel free to lend suggestions for our website and social media. We want to provide information that keeps you inspired and informed. Send your suggestions to

Daisy is heading home!


A twofer: Gabrielle and Aries with their new family!

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