Weekly wrap-up.

Clear your cache. No, we don’t mean “Send us a cash donation” (though we wouldn’t decline it), but rather: Clear your internet cache. This week a couple visitors to our site got the pop-up below. This is in no way… Read more »

A reason to smile.

Animal Ark received some rather startling statistics from Amazon Smile this past week. Thanks to our faithful donors choosing Friends of Animal Adoptions as their charity of choice, we received a quarterly donation total of over $400. Since the program… Read more »

Guest post.

We’ve written a lot about boomerang pets lately: Animals that begin life at Animal Ark, get adopted, and due to circumstances beyond their control find themselves back in our care. Today’s blog post is courtesy of the new family of… Read more »

Great news to share.

For several months we have featured a trio of cats – Anand, Raizen, and Gopa – as our Undercats. Undercats and Underdogs are pets that, for whatever reason, have been remained in our care even as their friends found forever… Read more »

Expressing gratitude.

The world has become so topsy-turvy the past few months, it sometimes feels you can’t count on anything. At Animal Ark, we realize there’s one thing can count on: The generosity of our supporters. In a recent blog post, we expressed… Read more »


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