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Note to self: When posting about the weather, make sure your weather app is set for St. Paul, not Palm Springs. Talk about a buzz kill…

That said, there has been worse mid-January weather than we’re facing this weekend, with no snow in the forecast and temps hovering around twenty degrees. Why the shift from pets to weather? To suggest you take advantage of the reasonably balmy conditions to spend time in Hastings this weekend.

Saturday morning from 10-11 is New Volunteer Orientation at Animal Ark. We’ll take you through the basics of volunteering and then turn you loose to spend time with cats, or dogs, or both! Even if you can only spare an hour a week, or even a month, our shelter is brimming with animals who are testament to how even a small commitment can make a big difference!

And while you’re in Hastings, stop by Spiral Natural Foods. January is Round-up Month, where with each purchase you’ll be asked if you’d like to round up your total, with proceeds going to Animal Ark. Spiral Foods offers a great variety of healthy food, and like Animal Ark they have a great mission. Honor your New  Year’s Resolution to eat healthier and help Animal Ark in the process!

Belated Happy Holidays from Peanut!

A reminder, if you’ve adopted from Animal Ark, please share your stories and photos by sending to Recently we spotlighted Peanut, a ridiculously-cute dog adopted from us in 2013. Peanut has changed the lives of his family for the better. This is a testament both to the diligence of our volunteers and the difference a welcoming, loving forever home can make. Maybe you’ll adopt the next Peanut. Check out our available animals online or in person!

On behalf of everyone at Animal Ark, have a great weekend…and please consider making us a part of it!

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