Do you have skills?

Napoleon Dynamite has skills, but not quite the variety we’re after.

I remember when I was a kid, my brothers and I had a fool-proof way of dissuading our father from asking for help around the house. The trick was, whatever tool he asked for, we’d give him as close to the exact opposite as we could muster. “Grab me a Phillips screwdriver,” dad would say. I’d hand him a hammer. With an exasperated sigh, dad would say, “I’ve got it from here. Go play.”

Now, every time I pay $500 for yet another home repair, I question the wisdom of this.

That was a long-winded way of asking: Do you have do-it-yourself skills and have always wanted to help Animal Ark out in some way? Then why not consider donating your time…and talents!

Bill and Deb Hoyt painstakingly repair some damage, helping Animal Ark look good as new.

For instance, Bill and Deb Hoyt have been volunteer dog walkers for years. They noticed a few things around the shelter that needed doing…and did them! Their current project is the refurbishment of one of our socialization rooms. They’ve also fixed chewed woodwork (most likely damaged by animals, though stressed-out staff can’t be ruled out), patched clawed drywall, and painted trim. This labor of love helps Animal Ark look its best, and it allows us to save scarce resources for helping our residents! We are so appreciative of Bill and Deb for not just spending time with our animals, but also helping to spruce up the shelter.

If you have  interests or skills that you’d like to share, visit our Volunteer page and fill out an application. We’d love to have you join us!

Speaking of our animals, we have some great news to share: A couple of our cats found homes today! We regularly post pics on our Facebook page of our cats and dogs as they leave our care and head home. Please visit and join our page!

Gail on her way to a forever home!
And like her friend Gail, Molly has found a loving home as well!











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