You oughtta be in pictures.

Have you adopted an Animal Ark cat or dog and, like most proud new parents, taken a thousand photos of the new additions(s)? If so…consider sharing them with Animal Ark! We never grow tired of hearing success stories from our adopters and we’d love to hear from you!


For instance, the tuckered out fella pictured here is Hickory. This has become a nightly ritual, Hickory holding his adoptive father hostage while he snoozes for hours on end. (As we all know, waking a slumbering cat was the 11th Commandment but was removed at the last minute due to space restrictions on the tablet.)

Hickory was a Feline Rescue cat who captured the heart of two volunteers. Now, months later, Hickory has thrived in his new environment and has bonded with his new brothers, Linus and Shermy. As invariably happens, the conversation turned from “Can we really handle another cat?” to “How did we live without him?”

Our adopters are the heart and soul of Animal Ark. Their willingness to take a chance on a cat or dog can make all the difference in their lives and those of the animals they welcome into their homes. We don’t want you to be unsung heroes: Tell us your story, send us your photos! Send them to We’ll post them on our website as well as our social media pages. Thank you for your support of Animal Ark! Our staff, volunteers and animals appreciate you.

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