The week in review…and the week ahead.

We thought we’d spend a little time today recapping the week and taking a look at what’s to come at Animal Ark in the near future. For starters, we thought we’d share a couple success stories, a dog and a cat that are on their way to forever homes! Ricky the dog and Lily2 the cat are off to forever homes. Our staff and volunteers will miss them, but as our adoption page illustrates, there remain many eligible cats and dogs looking for the types of wonderful homes Ricky and Lily2 are now enjoying. If you’d like to find your perfect match, as these wonderful people did, we invite you to drop by Animal Ark today between 11 a.m. and six p.m.!

Lily2 catpurred…err, captured…someone’s heart, as we knew she would!
Ricky is headed home, and if his new family’s t-shirts are any indication, he’ll enjoy a very pampered lifestyle indeed!











Speaking of eligible animals, check out our home page for our Underdogs and Undercats. These are cats and dogs that, for whatever reason, have been overlooked by potential adopters. In some cases there are physical or behavioral challenges that require special attention. In still other cases, the animals have simply been overlooked even as their companions have found loving homes. The way we like to put it is: Underdogs and Undercats are one-in-a-million companions looking for one-in-a-million families. If your resolution for 2020 is to give some TLC to a deserving cat or dog, Animal Ark can help you toward that goal.

In upcoming events, first a reminder that round-up month continues at Spiral Natural Foods in Hastings. This entire month, round up your total: Proceeds benefit Animal Ark. Enjoy some healthy food and help a good cause! Spiral Natural Foods is located at 1250 S Frontage Rd, Hastings, Minnesota 55033.

And here’s another reminder that if you’ve ever pondered volunteering at Animal Ark, our next orientation is Saturday, Jan. 11, at Animal Ark. Join us from 10-11 a.m. at 2600 Industrial Court, Hastings, MN 55033. We’ll teach you the ropes of volunteering and immediately turn you loose to spend some time with our residents! Even if you can spare just an hour per week, or even per month, every little bit helps. Many of our cats and dogs entered Animal Ark with severe trust/behavioral issues. Through the patient efforts of our tireless volunteers, they’ve blossomed into playful, well-adjusted and confident pets who would welcome a place in your home.

Have you adopted from Animal Ark? If so, share your story! Send your pictures and heartwarming tails…sorry, tales…to!

On behalf of everyone at Animal Ark, have a great week…and thanks, as always, for your support!






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