Recent adoptions to share.

We always like to share good news. Here are just a couple of our recent adoptions.

Buddy: Squirming to get home!

Sometimes a person could swear that an Animal Ark resident is sending them a message. On Sunday my wife and I did our usual volunteer stint at the Ark, and noticed that Buddy the cat was particularly loving. Buddy sat and purred in my lap for so long I finally had to get up and apologize: “Sorry, pal: But other cats need attention, too.”

We arrived home to learn that Buddy found his forever home shortly thereafter. It’s almost like Buddy knew he was headed home and wanted to say goodbye. To Buddy’s new family: We can vouch that Buddy is going to be an affectionate member of your household and we’re grateful that you’ll provide him with the love and attention he deserves.

3…2…1…let’s go home!

The same goes for Frankie, pictured here with her new family. Like Buddy, he’s so excited to get to his new home that he can scarcely stand still for the picture. Many thanks to Frankie’s family for giving this fine dog a chance! You have many years of playtime and snuggling ahead!

On behalf of all of us at Animal Ark, we wish the very best to our former residents, Buddy and Frankie, and appreciate their adoptive families for providing them homes. Thanks to our donors, staff and volunteers who make these moments possible. 

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