The week in review…and the week ahead.

Let me get this straight: Snow is a…problem…for your species? Curious.

Animal Ark managed to survive Snowmageddon yesterday thanks to the tireless efforts of our volunteers. It’s days like those we wish our residents had opposable thumbs and could wield a shovel, but the dogs had fun playing in the snow and the cats had fun looking out the windows wondering why dogs could possibly want to be in the snow, so all in all it was business as usual at Animal Ark.


Painting with cats: Postponed.

Canceled? Quel dommage! (What a pity!)


We were hoping to have photos and stories from our Painting with Cats event available, but unfortunately the event was canceled to the above-referenced inclement weather. Which is a shame since our participating cats had purchased berets and grown curlicue mustaches in anticipation of the event. We’ll keep you posted about a reschedule!






PetSmart Adoption Event TODAY!

Today we’re hosting an adoption event from 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at PetSmart, 8460 Tamarack Village, Woodbury. Our volunteers will bring a variety of our eligible cats and dogs, all of which are available for adoption and would love to come home with you! 

Underdogs and Undercats.

Speaking of our eligible pets, on our home page you might have noticed our Underdogs and Undercats. These are cats and dogs that, for various (and sometimes inexplicable) reasons, have been overlooked for adoption even as their neighbors found forever homes. The way we like to put it is, all of Animal Ark’s residents are unique, but Underdogs and Undercats are one in a million. Our goal is to pair one-in-a-million pets with one-in-a-million families.

And don’t forget, if adopting permanently isn’t in the cards right now, fostering is always an option. You can open your heart and home to a cat or dog and help them acclimate to life outside of Animal Ark, and who knows? You might join the growing ranks of “failed fosters,” people who had every intention of “just” fostering and ended up adopting the animals permanently! Jennifer, pictured here, came to Animal Ark after seeing our booth at a concert. She visited Animal Ark and decided to foster shelter favorite, Autumn. Now, Autumn is a permanent member of Jennifer’s home. Neither could imagine life without the other. 

A reminder that January is Round-up Month at Spiral Natural Foods in Hastings. Spiral Natural Foods is a community owned cooperative grocery store located at 1250 S. Frontage Road in Hastings. Spiral offers a delicious variety of healthy foods and this month you’ll be asked if you’d like to round up your total to benefit Animal Ark. Come support two longstanding Hastings’ traditions, Spiral Natural Foods and Animal Ark!

As always we’d like to invite you to join us on Facebook. It’s a great place to meet our newest residents and bid adieu to cats and dogs who have found permanent homes. You’ll also stay up to date on our events including the annual Doggie Depot event at the historic Depot in downtown St. Paul, and of course our very popular 3K Walk for Animals, happening this spring.

Please let us know how we can make our website and social media more engaging. Email your suggestions, your heartwarming stories of adoption, and anything else you can think of to

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