New Underdogs and Undercats.

On our home page you’ll notice a scroll featuring our spotlighted Underdogs and Undercats. These are dogs and cats that, for one reason or another, have been overlooked even as their friends find forever homes. In the case of a couple of our Undercats, they’re “boomerang” pets, having found forever homes but ending up back in our care.

The way we like to put it is: All of Animal Ark’s residents are unique, but Underdogs and Undercats are one in a million. Our goal is to pair one-in-a-million pets with one-in-a-million people. We invite you to visit our homepage and check out these special pets, then come visit them in person at Animal Ark. Yours could be the forever home they’ve been waiting for!

Clockwise from upper-left: Mr. Kitty, Rebel, Maddie, Betty Jo, Frankie, Willow 2. All are available for adoption!

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