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Here’s a photo collage put together by one of our volunteers illustrating just a few of our recent feline adoptions.Staff and volunteers view adoptions with mixed emotions. On one hand we are of course ecstatic that animals we’ve bonded with have found forever homes. Many of our animals come to Animal Ark from distressing circumstances (like Misty and Max, pictured below). So to watch a cat or dog transform from frightened and neglected to confident and loving reminds us of why we do what we do.

But on the other hand, we’re sad because a member of our family is leaving. We come to know and love these animals while they’re in our care. Knowing that a certain dog will no longer need a walk, or a favorite cat won’t loudly request playtime anymore, brings a lump to your throat.

However, as we are all aware there is no end to the animals in need in our community and elsewhere. When one cat or dog leaves Animal Ark there is invariably one (and often many, many more) to take its place. Animal Ark will then do what it always does: Provide whatever resources are necessary to turn the most at-risk animals into loving, forever members of some lucky household.

As always, we want to point out that we can’t do this without you. Your donations are what fuel our passion, so on behalf of the staff, volunteers and residents of Animal Ark: Thank you for your support!

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