An update on our latest global partnership.

Recently, we announced a new global partnership with Soi Dog Foundation. [Warning: Graphic images, viewer discretion advised]. Below is a recent email update from Soi Dog as well as a link to the June 2020 edition of the Soi Dog Post. There you can read all about the latest activities of Animal Ark’s newest global partner.

Bookmark our Global Partner page for updates on our new partnership. As COVID-related flight restrictions (hopefully) subside over time, Animal Ark plans to begin receiving dogs and cats from overseas in partnership with Soi Dog.

And of course, we continue our mission to help cats and dogs in need right here locally. It’s kitten season and Animal Ark has accepted its share (and more) of energetic, hungry young felines who could use your help. Multiple adult dogs and cats have arrived as well, many suffering from neglect and/or health problems. Animal Ark maintains a significant Special Need Fund the proceeds of which go specifically toward animals who require extra resources in preparation for their forever homes. Yoda, pictured below with his canine guardian, was found by the side of the road and brought to Animal Ark. It turns out that Yoda suffers from some health problems that will require extra resources. If you can spare a few dollars to help Yoda regain his health so he can make a forever family very happy someday, please consider donating today.

Yoda has experienced far too many health problems for a kitten so young. Your donations help provide food, shelter, medication…and ultimately a loving, forever home.

Here is the update from our new partners, Soi Dog Foundation. The update specifically references three dogs – Thanuthep, Baoviwe and Clarissa – who are slated to travel to Animal Ark just as soon as air travel is feasible. We’re excited to watch this partnership unfold!

Dear Animal Ark,

I hope you are well and that you had an awesome Independence Day on the 4th of July. I am happy to share the news that Thanuthep and Baoviwe are both well with normal blood profiles. Clarissa has low platelets at the moment but the vets are monitoring her and will give her treatment if they don’t see an improvement in the next couple of weeks. 

Life during this pandemic is far from simple but the one constant is our shared passion for the vulnerable dogs and cats that so desperately need our help. In June, Soi Dog Foundation took in 128 desperate dogs and cats in need of long-term care. Many needed life-saving treatment, and all of them needed shelter, safety and love. We have been extremely busy building new runs to accommodate these cats and dogs as well as many others that continue to stream into our shelter. We have managed to cope with the influx thus far thanks to the incredible generosity of donors and supporters around the world. 

Our co-founder John Dalley is currently participating in a dog walking challenge which was halted on Sunday due to a torrential downpour. He took the opportunity to take a video tour of Soi Dog’s hospital on Phuket Island which might be of interest to you as it will give you some insight into where the dogs you adopt receive treatment and care at the shelter. The link is

In addition I am attaching the latest issue of Soi Dog Post to update you on our activities and news – I hope you enjoy the read.

Our logistics team in Phuket are watching flight developments closely as we are all super keen to start sending dogs to partner rescues and private adopters as soon as travel between Thailand and the rest of the world reopens. They are expecting an update from the airport authorities at the end of July and are starting to send dogs to Europe on cargo flights and will explore whether this would be an option to get your pups home to you sooner rather than later. I will update you on developments as soon as I receive any news.

Thank you so much for adopting Thanuthep, Clarissa and Baoviwe as well as for your support and participation in our partner rescue program. It is wonderful to work with dedicated, passionate people like you and I look forward to a long and active partnership.

Soi Dog Post June 2020



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