Overlooked cats need homes.

Nothing makes an Animal Ark volunteer or staff member happier than learning that one of our residents has found a forever home. Not only does that mean one more cat or dog has a home of their own, but now there’s space available for another animal in need.

However, there is a contingent of long-time Animal Ark residents who have lived at the shelter for months, even years, and we puzzle over why they’ve been overlooked even as their friends have found forever homes.

Today we spotlight some cats that fall under that umbrella. Alex, pictured below, has been highlighted as an Animal Ark Undercat. He’s had numerous condo-mates come and go, yet he remains in our care. Alex has become a very sweet boy during his time at Animal Ark. He loves chasing a laser pointer until he collapses from exhaustion. He climbs his kitty tower with gusto. And Alex adapts well to other cats, quickly making friends with them and teaching them his playful ways. We feel that it’s Alex’s turn to experience a loving, forever home. So if you have room for this playful guy, please call Animal Ark at 651-772-8983.

Alex: A loving, playful boy who deserves his chance at a forever home!

And this is Oreo. Staff and volunteers know Oreo as a big cat with a little voice. Oreo is as loving as he is tubby. Volunteers can expect to spend quite a bit of time with Oreo. He immediately crawls into their laps and purrs up a storm, kneading away with his big paws. Why Oreo has been overlooked we can’t say. What we can say is that there’s a family out there that would be very lucky to welcome Oreo. Is that your household? Call or visit us today and find out!

Seeking the quintessential lap cat? Look no further than Oreo. Bring a book; you’ll be there a while!

And finally, we feature a trifecta of cats that regular visitors to our website will recognize as featured Undercats: Anand, Gopa and Raizen. These are three loving, playful felines who were adopted from Animal Ark years ago by their foster mom. Unfortunately, she passed away and this trio of felines was returned to our care. We’re happy to provide them a large, sunny condo all their own. But what they miss is their forever home. We realize that welcoming three cats to a household sounds like a Herculean task, but we have faith that there’s a generous family out there that will succumb to the wiles of these cats. Drop by the shelter to meet them, and be ready to play!

Anand, Gopa and Raizen need a second forever home. If you want three times the love, please consider adopting these cats!

And finally, we’d like to take a moment to say goodbye to Orion. Orion was found living outdoors by a kind soul who brought him to Animal Ark. Orion suffered from not just the standard aches and pains of an 18-year-old cat, but also had kidney issues as well. Orion finally succumbed to his illness last week. While we are very sad that he passed, we are at least glad that he did so in our care. Our staff and volunteers loved Orion, despite his curmudgeonly demeanor. He was a testament to our No-kill philosophy. Every animal deserves a dignified life and we provided that to Orion with your help. Thank you for your support of Animal Ark.

If you would like to make a donation in Orion’s memory, click here.

We’ll miss you, Orion. We are glad you are finally free of your pain.

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