In praise of our volunteers…and in search of additional ones!

Visitors to Animal Ark have noticed that our garden has been completely transformed. This landscaping was courtesy of one of our volunteers! Many people don’t realize that a wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available at Animal Ark. Volunteering at Animal Ark isn’t just playing with cats and walking dogs…though that’s a lot of fun and crucial to the physical and mental well-being of our animals. Our volunteers have found creative ways to use their inherent talents to benefit our shelter!

Painstaking landscaping was performed by an Animal Ark volunteer making our shelter even more welcoming!
Helping with chores around the Ark is just one way our volunteers contribute to our no-kill mission.

In our lobby there’s a sheet where staff and volunteers add items that need attention around the Ark. Animal Ark has a handful of volunteers who lend their handyman skills to the shelter. Are you good with a paintbrush? A screwdriver? Minor plumbing no problem? Animal Ark wants you!

This list is in Animal Ark’s lobby. As staff and volunteers find items that need attention, they add it to the list. Are you handy? Animal Ark could use your skills!

Calling all former volunteers!

Animal Ark has a large number of folks who attended New Volunteer Orientation, showed up a few times, and then disappeared. We understand more than anyone that real life can get in the way of charitable activities, particular in these uncertain, stressful times. But we could sure use your help! If you have volunteered with us in the past and would like to reconnect with Animal Ark, we would welcome you back with open arms! There are many dogs who need walked, cats who need playtime, and as mentioned above…fix-it projects that need addressed. No time commitment is too small; even if you have just a couple hours per month to devote to Animal Ark, two hours times dozens of people adds up to the love, care attention that our cats, dogs and facilities need to continue our no-kill mission.

Due to COVID-19, we are brainstorming ways to begin New Volunteer Orientation while observing social-distancing precautions. Having a stable of volunteers who have already attended training would be a big help!

Your support of Animal Ark helps us provide food, shelter and attention to animals like those featured below ’til they find forever homes. Give us a call or visit the shelter today to meet these potential pets…and many more!

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