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We’ve written a lot about boomerang pets lately: Animals that begin life at Animal Ark, get adopted, and due to circumstances beyond their control find themselves back in our care. Today’s blog post is courtesy of the new family of our trifecta of boomerang cats: Anand, Gopa and Raizen.


We just want to let you all know that Gopa, Raizen and Anand are doing great!  As you can see, Anand recently discovered how pretty he is!

These kitties are very gentle creatures, and Raizen (the darker tabby) is a bit shy.  So we’re being low-key and letting them adjust at their own pace. They don’t love being picked up but are otherwise super lovey – and playful!  It’s so fun to have them charging around the house!  We have never had 3 cats at one time before, but we are so glad we found them and that we found Animal Ark.  As we told Lorraine, it is obvious that they have been well cared for.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful love and care you provided to these lovely cats.  We love them already, and will do all we can to give them a safe, happy and healthy life! 

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