Another boomerang pet needs your help.

In a recent blog post, we told you about three cats who began life at Animal Ark, found their forever home, and then returned to our care after their loving cat-mom passed away.

In similar fashion, this week Animal Ark welcomed back this lovely dog: Gotti.

Gotti was adopted from Animal Ark years ago. He recently returned to our care after his owner had to move and couldn’t take Gotti along. Gotti is very sweet and enjoys walking on his leash. He also responds to basic commands and is remarkably easygoing given his unfortunate circumstances. Gotti is reserved around other dogs and has never lived with cats or children, so if Gotti strikes your fancy we recommend bringing the entire family to see if it’s a match.

While Gotti is doing his best to keep his chin up, Animal Ark staff and volunteers can tell he’s confused and depressed by his sudden lifestyle change. Gotti went from a stable home of many years back to shelter life. He’s well cared for, but what he really wants and needs is a home: Forever or foster.

Gotti and the aforementioned trio of cats are representative of Animal Ark’s mission. Many shelters have a your-pet-your-problem mentality. Once the paperwork is signed and the animal’s out the door, their involvement ends.

Not so at Animal Ark. In the event dogs like Gotti return to our care, we open our door to them until they get their second chance at a forever home. We can’t encourage you enough to come visit Gotti or any of the other numerous eligible cats and dogs available at Animal Ark.

You can sponsor Gotti! Visit our sponsorship page and make a donation. Then give our shelter a call (651) 772-8983 and let our staff know you’d like to provide Gotti’s food and shelter ’til he finds his forever home. Or, simply make a donation to our general fund. Anything you can spare helps our no-kill mission. 

(Oh, and did we mention we’re woefully short on paper towels? Drop some by the shelter or have Amazon ship directly to us!)

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