#FosterFriday: Boots.

Sometimes, out of nowhere, interest in a cat ramps up. This is the case with Boots. Several families have fallen in love with Boots lately, but when learning he’s diabetic and requires daily insulin, they’ve shied away. This is a shame, since Boots is a well-behaved, affectionate cat who would love to live with a family in time for the holidays.

Boots is a fantastic candidate for fostering. When you foster for Animal Ark, we pay all expenses. That means the cost of Boots’ insulin would be covered by us. Boots is on a special diet as well, and we cover that cost also. If you foster Boots, all you need to provide is the roof over his head and the pampering he deserves. 

A family with experience in administering insulin would be helpful, but it’s not required. We can train you in the proper techniques, and your veterinarian could lend pointers as well. And yes, vet care is covered as well when you foster for Animal Ark.

If you’re interested in fostering Boots, call our shelter at 651-772-8983. Visit our Foster page for more info on being a foster family. Feel free to drop by the shelter during business hours and spend some time with Boots. Don’t let his diabetes give you paws…err, pause. It’s manageable, and in return for tending to Boots’ medical needs, you’ll receive a lot of love in return.

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