Expressing gratitude.

Our supporters came thru…yet again!

The world has become so topsy-turvy the past few months, it sometimes feels you can’t count on anything. At Animal Ark, we realize there’s one thing can count on: The generosity of our supporters.

In a recent blog post, we expressed a need for items from our Amazon Wish List. We were down to our last bags of cat and dog food, and this at a time when we are positively overrun by kittens and puppies in particular.

As illustrated by the photo above, our supporters came thru (and then some). Deliveries began showing up daily, sometimes multiple times. Soon our lobby was overrun by food, litter and other supplies. Thanks to your help we staved off a crisis. On behalf of the staff, volunteers and residents of Animal Ark: Thank you for responding to our call for help!

If you’re so inclined, feel free to place a monthly or even weekly reminder on your calendar to check the status of our Amazon Wish List. If you notice that quantities are slipping well below our preferred levels, we encourage you to arrange a shipment. Kittens like Perry, below, would be very grateful!

Perry is too polite to talk with his mouth full, so on his behalf: Thank you for donating to Animal Ark!

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Very Special Thanks To Our Friends & Family