Wrap-up on the Spiral Natural Foods Round-up.

As followers of this blog know, Spiral Natural Foods in Hastings hosted “Round-up for Animal Ark” during January and February, with patrons being offered the chance to round up their total to benefit our shelter.

We are pleased to announce that the event was more successful than we’d hoped! Our totals for January and February were…drum roll please…

January: $328.95
February: $317.91

The $646.86 we raised in cooperation with Spiral Natural Foods can buy a lot of cat food, dog food, cat litter, leashes, etc. It can also go a long way toward purchasing medical supplies like syringes and insulin to help our diabetic animals.

We cannot thank Spiral Natural Foods enough for their partnership and we look forward to partnering with them again. And we encourage you to keep the benevolent spirit alive and donate to Animal Ark. Many options exist, including:

  • Writing a check payable to Friends of Animal Adoptions
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Smile
  • Amazon Wish list.

Animal Ark thanks our generous partners at Spiral Natural Foods! We encourage you to visit Spiral and enjoy their huge assortment of healthy, delicious foods. And while you’re in the neighborhood, drop by Animal Ark. Nothing compliments a healthy dinner like tossing table scraps to a new cat or dog!

Below are Alex and Josh, two long-time Animal Ark residents. They’ve shared a condo for years and while they’ve grown accustomed to shelter life, what they’d like is a home of their own to explore. Josh is laid back. He remembers life as a stray and is perfectly content curling up on a warm bed and snoozing the day away. Alex is lively and loves playing with a laser light. He’s gradually learning trust and our cat volunteers can attest that he lets you know when he wants affection, and when it’s time to hang back. Your donations help keep them fed and warm, so please donate today to help Alex, Josh and our others eligible cats and dogs!



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