Weekly wrap-up.

Clear your cache.

No, we don’t mean “Send us a cash donation” (though we wouldn’t decline it), but rather: Clear your internet cache. This week a couple visitors to our site got the pop-up below. This is in no way directly related to either Animal Ark or Facebook. We consulted with our web guru and they recommended clearing your internet cache. If you get an identical or similar pop-up, please clear your internet cache. If you continue to get the pop-up, let us know and we’ll investigate further.

Food, please!

Dogs like Gomer and cats like Maddie (pictured below) need your help! We recently found ourselves running perilously low on several items, and as invariably happens Animal Ark supporters wowed us with their generosity. However, as you can imagine, a thriving shelter like Animal Ark goes through copious amounts of dog and cat food (and other supplies) each week. Please bookmark our Amazon Wish List. There you can see which items are fully-stocked and which need replenishing. You can also visit smile.amazon.com and choose “Friends of Animal Adoptions” as your charity of choice. With each purchase you make, a small amount goes toward Animal Ark. Last quarter alone we received well over $400 in Amazon Smile donations. Every little bit counts. Thanks for your continued support of Animal Ark!

Boomerang animals in search of their second forever home.



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