Wanted: Your adoption stories and photos!

Regular visitors to our website and social media know we like to remind you of our many adoptable cats and dogs. However, we also like to share the other side of the equation: Namely, successful adoption stories.

We heard from the adoptive family of Luna, an Animal Ark cat who recently found her forever home. Below is a photo of Luna in her new surroundings. Below the photograph you’ll read Luna’s family’s story about how well and how quickly this cat has blended into their home.

There are many more Luna stories out there. Have you welcomed an Animal Ark cat or dog into your home? Send your photos and stories to arknews@animalarkmn.org. We love sharing your stories on our website, social media and quarterly mailing. Your happiness is our best advertising!

On behalf of the staff, volunteers, residents and former residents of Animal Ark: Thank you for your support!

Click here to see video of Luna taken the day before she left Animal Ark for her forever home.

Luna enjoying her new digs.

Hello to all from Gary and Susan, Luna’s new family. She has been with us a week and is doing great. She follows us around and demands lots of love, many times in the wee hours of the morning. She is a sassy little gal and she and I are working on keeping her off the dining room table and the kitchen counters. She can be stubborn about it! She enjoys looking outside from window ledges but especially her cat tree which we placed in front of the French doors. She gets to watch squirrels, chipmunks and birds. We sure love our sassy little girl and are so glad to have her.

She only took a couple of days to acclimate and come upstairs. She is eating well.  Luna is very verbal so she is often talking to us.  She demands attention and petting when she feels we are ignoring her (like when we go to bed at night!).  If she purrs it is too soft for us to hear. We are hoping her purring gets louder—who doesn’t love hearing a cat purr!

I just wanted to update you on her adjustment to her new home. I know many of you were glad she found a home.

Thank you for our little girl.


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