Thanks to everyone who contributed thru Give at Home MN.

Animal Ark would like to thank everyone who contributed via Give at Home MN, which ended Friday. As always our supporters stepped up and contributed sizable amounts to our Special Need Fund. 

This fund is crucial to the mission of our shelter. As many of you know, Animal Ark prides itself on caring for animals that a lot of other organizations cannot or will not take in due to behavioral and/or medical issues. This isn’t intended as a slight to other shelters, by the way. Animal Ark understands more than anyone that budgets are tight at the best of times. This is exacerbated during times of crisis.

Max, Animal Ark’s departed mascot, was the embodiment of a special needs animal in every way. He required veterinary care above and beyond “normal” animals. He paid us back exponentially in love and gratitude.

Animal Ark is so committed to its no-kill mission that we try to keep substantial reserves on hand to care for special needs animals. Visitors to our shelter and website remember fondly are mascot, Max, who passed away recently. Max required expensive veterinary care to keep his damaged body as mobile as possible. Thanks to our donors, Animal Ark had reserves on hand to ensure Max got the care he needed.

Boots requires daily insulin shots. Thanks to our donors, we never have to worry that Boots won’t receive the care he needs.

Same goes for Boots, pictured here, who requires insulin shots. Animal Ark recognizes that Boots has a lot of life left him him, as illustrated every day by his snuggling and purring. He awaits a forever home, but in the meantime our staff and volunteers ensure he receives the medication and affections he needs.

Remember: Whenever we say “Animal Ark” we actually mean YOU. None of this would be possible without our amazing donors. Every bag of food, every box of kitty litter, and every syringe of insulin is a direct result of your generosity. Thank you for your continued support of our mission even during times of crisis.

Animal Ark events and New Volunteer Orientation remain on hold until the COVID situation eases. Please watch our website for updates.

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