Stability in the midst of volatility.

We at Animal Ark are as shell-shocked by what’s occurring in the world as anyone. Businesses began tentatively opening after the governor’s COVID-related stay-at-home order lessened, including our shelter. But then, as you are acutely aware, the Twin Cities erupted in violent protests and people were once again confined to their homes, partially by edict, partially by choice.

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by what’s occurring in Minneapolis, St. Paul and elsewhere. There is anger, sadness and loss unfolding at a staggering rate. 

It’s time like these a person focuses on what they can control, which seems like less all the time. We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you what’s going on at Animal Ark, how you can help, and to let you know that despite the world’s uncertainty, good things are happening at Animal Ark.

A need for bleach.

Going to be near Animal Ark this weekend? Have an extra jug or two of bleach? Please consider donating.

As regular readers of our blog know, Animal Ark supporters once again wowed us with their generosity when we expressed a desperate need for paper towels. We would like to do the same with a need for bleach. If you’re going to be in our neck of the woods anytime soon, please consider dropping off a jug or two (or three, or four) of bleach. Our staff maintains meticulous cleanliness standards for the health of our animals and that of our humans. Cleaning with bleach is crucial to this effort, so we invite our supporters to please be generous!

Don’t litter…unless it’s cat litter.

You can help ensure Alex’s box runneth over…with cat litter.

Spring means kitten season, and kittens means a need for cat litter. We continue our cat litter drive in earnest. There are many ways you can help ensure cats like Alex (and our countless other adoptable felines) have ample litter at their disposal. Visit our donations page for details. We have an Amazon Wish List from which you can choose much-needed items that will be delivered to our door. Or, as mentioned above, you can drop off cat litter at our shelter during business hours. 

Success stories are still happening!

Chu Chu is off to his forever home. He’s pictured here with his new mom, who was kind enough to follow Animal Ark’s COVID-related precautions.

Animal Ark is so pleased that even during very uncertain times, people continue visiting our shelter and providing forever homes for our amazing animals. Just one story is Chu Chu, a favorite feline of staff and volunteers. Chu Chu is a sweet-natured cat who will be missed in our shelter, but we are of course delighted that a lifetime of being spoiled rotten awaits him.

And then there’s Betty, a recent Animal Ark adoption who is adapting well to her new home. Many people are contacting us with stories of their new pets providing an air of calm and stability during these unprecedented times. The presence of animals in our homes, some having come from unspeakable circumstances, remind us that no matter how challenging life can be, there are innocents out there who need our help. This applies to animals and humans, of course. If you can open your home to an Animal Ark pet, please do. If you can contribute to organizations helping those impacted by civil unrest in Minneapolis and St. Paul, by all means: Please do.

Many more eligible cats and dogs await at Animal Ark, so visit our Adoption page or, better yet, visit our shelter. Our staff is more than happy to find just the right cat or dog to fit your lifestyle.

Homes needed for long-term Ark residents.

Our staff put together the video below to remind you that we have multiple long-time Animal Ark residents who would love nothing more than to find their forever homes. Our shelter is a loving, safe place for these animals, but it pales in comparison to how animals flourish in homes with forever families. Since work-from-home seems to be a long-term situation, it’s an opportune time to consider welcoming a pet into your home. Many people report that they’re using their extra time at home to socialize their pets, go for more walks, and help the animal catch up on any play and affection they missed out on while awaiting their forever home.

Watch the video and if any of these amazing animals strike your fancy, call us or visit today!

Hours of Operation

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Wednesday – Friday: 12 pm – 6:00 pm
Saturday  & Sunday: 11 am – 5:00 pm

New visiting guidelines

  • Visitors must wear mask
  • Maintain Social Distancing 
  • Call staff ahead of time if you require special accommodations: (651) 772-8983

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