Paper towels needed.

“Oh, wait…you NEEDED those?”

Animal Ark has run into an interesting situation, a perfect storm between cat behavior and COVID-related supply shortages.

As most of you are aware, due to hoarding, purchases of paper products are limited at most retailers. This isn’t a big deal in a small household where maybe one or two rolls of of paper towels are used each week. However, at Animal Ark we easily go thru dozens of rolls in no time at all. Our use is compounded when cats like Midnight, pictured here, decide that a roll of paper towels is a much more entertaining toy than the catnip mice we provide.

(Note that since this photo was taken, Midnight found his forever home. We hope his adoptive family keeps the paper towels under lock and key!)

Animal Ark is once again open to the public, so if you happen to be in the Hastings area and would be willing to part with some of the paper towels you’ve amassed since the COVID situation began, we would gladly welcome your donation! Click here for our hours of operation as well as COVID-related restrictions.

On behalf of the staff, volunteers and residents of Animal Ark: Thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time of need!


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