Our favorite kind of stories.

A couple wonderful emails awaited us today, both from happy families eager to share tales of successful adoptions.

Benji doing his best Minnie Pearl impression, tag showing and looking good!

First, we heard from Benji’s family. Benji is pictured here in his new sweater, in his new home. Benji’s family reports that while their new addition isn’t a fan of the cold, he’s not opposed to bundling up and enjoys taking long walks with his new family. “He is very happy and feels this is his home now,” says Benji’s mom, Deb. “I am so grateful for you and the Animal Ark for finding Benji so I could adopt him.” 

But as always, we thank you, Deb, and other adopters for forsaking puppy mills and breeders in favor of rescues. We are so thrilled Benji is doing well and welcome future updates.

And switching now to the other end of the species spectrum…

Cats doing what they do best: Being pampered. Humans doing what they should: Accommodating!

We also heard from Mickey and Maverick’s adoptive family. In the spoiled kitties’ own words:

“We have settled in very well and won everyone’s heart including that of the grandchildren. We have a brand new cat tower and it is huge!  It has lots of hiding places and great spots to lounge.  John likes steak and often shares with us. We love it here.”

Running an organization like Animal Ark is hard work and can only be accomplished by a large contingent of staff and volunteers. Stories like these are why we do it. If you have adopted from us and want to share your story, email us at arknews@animalarkmn.org. If you’d like to donate to help us ensure more stories like these, click here. There are many ways to contribute!

A big thank you to our staff, volunteers, and most of all: Adoptive families like those featured today. We appreciate you!


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