Part of our mission at the Ark is to help rehabilitate animals in need, whether they have medical or behavioral issues. We take the time to make sure they get the care they need to thrive in a new forever home. 

Sweet Millie is an 11 month old old puppy who came to us with a torn ACL. She’s too young to have the surgery, so we are raising money now to take care the expenses when she is old enough.

While she has been placed in a foster to adopt home (YAY!), it’s part of our mission to make sure she gets the surgery she needs to so the new owner doesn’t have to foot the bill.

Please help us raise the needed for Millie’s surgery. The cost has been estimated at $1000-1500 from the vet. 

Any funds raised outside of the $1500 will go towards the other animals in our care, especially those with special needs. 

Thank you for your support!

Here’s another photo because she’s so dang cute!

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