It’s #FosterFriday.

Today’s featured pet is Oreo, a friendly and handsome cat. Oreo is 13 years old. His life was disrupted when, after spending his lifetime with one owner, a household move resulted in his surrender.

Oreo is adjusting as well as can be expected after such a major life change. Oreo is considered “Special Need” because when over-stimulated, he can lash out. Cat owners “get it” and a patient household would learn to recognize Oreo’s body language and give him the space he needs when he’s had enough. He’s otherwise happy, healthy and affectionate. Oreo would be a great candidate for a foster (or forever) home.

There’s still time to provide Oreo a home for the holidays. Please call our shelter at 651-772-8983 if you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about this remarkable cat.

#FosterFriday update: We are delighted to announce that two recent #FosterFriday animals, Addie the cat and Seyo the dog, found homes! Both animals are adjusting wonderfully to their new environments. It’s not too late to foster or adopt an animal from Animal Ark in time for the holidays. Call our shelter at 651-772-8983 to learn more about our eligible pets, or drop by during business hours to meet our residents.

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