Please help us raise money for a beautiful 1 year old kitty named Hannah Montana! This funny and talkative girl came to Animal Ark as a stray in April 2018. Only 9 months old, Hannah had been found wandering in a field. She went into foster care soon after arrival where she began to exhibit concerning respiratory problems. Bloodwork and x-rays gave no definitive answer, and intense antibiotic therapy made little impact. It was recommended by her medical team and 2 radiologists that we get a CT scan of her lungs. 

The results of the scan showed a diaphragmatic hernia with abdominal fat displacement. This means the barrier between Hannah’s chest and abdomen has a hole in it and fat from her abdomen has slipped into her chest space. The fat is taking up room in her chest so the lungs are not able to expand fully. The good news is that the hernia can be repaired surgically!
You can donate now by clicking here. 

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