Fosters needed for adult and special-needs pets.

Animal Ark recently put out a call for fosters to help us thru the Coronavirus crisis. As always, our friends came thru! Many of our cats and dogs found foster homes. We and the animals are grateful.

We’ve received multiple inquiries lately specifically about fostering puppies and kittens. We find ourselves in a kitten/puppy lull. However, we have adult cats and dogs—some with special needs—who now more than ever would appreciate even a temporary place to call home.

Willow needs a home…temporary or permanent!

For instance, there’s Willow. Willow has been featured as an Underdog, a pet with much to offer who has nonetheless found herself overlooked. Willow is an eight-year-old retriever mix who is 80 pounds of sheer energy! She came to Animal Ark via Animal Control so we’re not yet sure how she’d do with other animals or kids. For the time being, Willow would probably do best in a home where she’s the lone animal, living with adults.

Cassandra is the perfect lap cat to see you thru uncertain times.

Then there’s Cassandra, who was featured as an Undercat. Cassandra is nine years old and loves to cuddle. Staff and volunteers can’t quite believe that Cassandra hasn’t found her forever home yet. Fostering is a great way to “test drive” whether a particular pet will be a good match for your household. If what you’re missing during the quarantine is a long-haired lap cat who will purr all day, Cassandra might be just who you’re looking for.

Animal Ark also has multiple residents with medical needs. If you’d consider an animal that requires a little more upkeep than usual—daily shots of insulin, for instance—we have several who are looking for somewhere to call home. And remember, whether the cat or dog is special needs or not, when you foster Animal Ark pays all the expenses. Yes, all!

To begin the foster process, please call 651-772-8983 or email We can talk you thru the process, which has become a bit trickier lately due to Coronavirus.

And as always, even if you’re unable to adopt or foster a pet, there are many ways you can help. Visit our Donations page to learn more.

Thank you for supporting Animal Ark!

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