Crises can bring out the best in people.

Many people’s self-quarantine applies to the news as well. While it’s the hallmark of a good citizen to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the world, we all reach our limit of bad news.

So today, we use the occasion of this blog post to share the good things that are happening at Animal Ark, even as we remain closed to the public and our volunteers.

Our staff and supporters have stepped up in every conceivable way to ensure Animal Ark weathers this storm. Below are just a few of the ways people have helped.


People have stepped up in a big way to foster our animals during this crisis. Below are just a few. Hugo the pup is a foster-to-adopt. Also pictured are Betty Jo and Daté, both of whom have been featured as Undercats. We’re happy to report that all three of these wonderful animals are thriving in their new homes. If fostering is something you’d consider during this time of need, please call our shelter at (651) 772-8983. 

In lieu of volunteers

The staff at Animal Ark knows how attached volunteers become to our residents. An Animal Ark staff member was kind enough to notify our cat volunteers, “Don’t worry, cat volunteers…we’re giving our feline friends all your love! Can’t wait to see you all again!” They posted pics and videos of the cats we’ve come to know and love, and though it isn’t quite the same as visiting the cats ourselves, it at least gives us peace of mind that our cats are in great hands ’til we can once again volunteer.

Dog walking

And of course, crisis or not, dogs still need walked. Since volunteers are barred for the time being, our staff members have been doing double- and triple-duty ensuring our dogs get their daily exercise. Below are just a couple photos of Animal Ark dogs enjoying the springlike weather thanks to the dedication of our staff members.


And though people can’t physically visit Animal Ark at the moment, donations continue in earnest. Someone was kind enough to reach out and ask what sorts of hard-to-find items we might need; paper towels, for instance. We replied, “Whatever you can find.” This kind person is now scouring every source possible for the items we require to continue business-as-close-to-usual until this situation draws to a close. People are sending items from our Amazon Wish List (search for Friends of Animal Adoptions); donations roll in via our Donations page.

People are responding to the recent sad news that our 3K Walk, Animal Ark’s largest fundraising event, is canceled due to COVID-19. We seek to recoup these funds the old-fashioned way and greatly appreciate those who have stepped up. 

In closing

It’s times like these the impact of disasters upon the most vulnerable becomes painfully evident. Children, the elderly, and animals will all suffer unduly (directly and indirectly) from this disaster. Our Executive Manager, Lorraine Royal, quoted Gandhi recently: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man.”  

A friend recently said that she cried as she watched the news, even as her pets were “blissfully unaware.” A colleague, working from home, noticed birds and squirrels returning to the feeders in earnest, their lives going on as usual even as mankind stands on a precipice. It’s our duty to protect the innocent, and we at Animal Ark are doing our best. But as illustrated the past couple weeks, we can’t do it without you. We may not all be able to work in laboratories finding a cure for this disease, but helping our fellow man and our furry friends can go a long way toward keeping the world a civil place until a cure is found.

Thank you for supporting Animal Ark!

Enjoy this video…

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