Animal Ark’s mission: Alive and well, even during times of crisis.

We’ve all heard stories that during the Coronavirus crisis, animal surrenders have increased. In some cases this has been due to misinformation that the virus is transmittable between pets and humans. In other cases, financial constraints have forced people into the heartbreaking decision to surrender their pet(s).

Animal Ark does what it can to accommodate surrenders without judgment. Our #1 priority is animals’ well-being. However, during a time when our resources are stretched thin, we want to remind people that our mission includes helping animals remain in their current homes.

For instance, we strive to promote Pet Retention. We offer surrender counseling to those individuals and families wishing to re-home their beloved pet. Over the years, we have found in that in many cases when families surrender their pets to a shelter it is for reasons that are fixable. Assisting pet owners to resolve the issues they are having with their pets helps reduce the number of animals coming into the shelter and allows us to better serve those animals that are most in need.

We also offer Stray Cat Help. Years ago Animal Ark implemented our Stray Cat Help Program to provide free-roaming and outdoor cats with a core vaccine, dewormer, FeLV testing, and flea/ear mite preventative for a small suggested donation. This program has benefited hundreds of felines accustomed to living outdoors and has helped to promote their well-being, especially in rural areas where cats are often permitted to roam outside. The program follows best practices for dealing with free-roaming cats, especially when coupled with TNR to reduce the number of felines entering shelters.

Animal Ark also offers a Pet Fix Certificate. This can be redeemed at one of six participating veterinary clinics in and around the Twin Cities for spay/neuter surgery for their pet at a reduced cost. The Pet Fix program, originally called the “Pit Fix” program and created to reduce the number of “pit bull” dogs surrendered to shelters from unwanted litters, has long since been extended to all breeds of dogs and cats and offers spay/neuter surgery for pets regardless of their owners income level.

Animal Ark isn’t just about animals: It’s about people, too. Our staff and volunteers are experiencing the same financial hardships and emotional uncertainty as everyone else, so we understand what you’re going through. It’s our mission to help animals and people weather this crisis. We look forward to the day America re-opens for business so you can visit our shelter, maybe even volunteer.

Thank you for your continued support of Animal Ark!

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