Sunday we expressed a desire for more fosters. Yesterday we highlighted the need for more volunteers. In the last of our three-part series, we highlight Animal Ark’s #1 goal for 2020: More sustaining members. With the help of supporters like you, we can achieve our ambitious goals in 2020 and beyond! On behalf of everyone at Animal Ark, we wish you and your pets a very happy and healthy New Year.

Please note that we’re closed New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day, but our volunteers are welcome (and encouraged) to drop by and wish a Happy New Year in-person to our residents.

Behind every successful non-profit organization is a solid donor base. Your generosity funds our programs, pays our staff, and keeps our lights on. Animal Ark’s donors are also members who have a voice in how we’re governed.

Sustaining Members are friends who donate a consistent amount each month automatically via PayPal or credit/debit card. Sustaining memberships allow Animal Ark to plan ahead for budgeting purposes. (Memberships can also be changed or canceled at any time.)

Contributing to Animal Ark is similar to volunteering: Just as we mentioned yesterday how “merely” spending an hour each week volunteering at Animal Ark is actually a godsend for our staff and residents, “merely” donating $5 per month can go a long way toward helping us achieve our mission. To give you an idea what we mean, think of it this way. Animal Ark’s Facebook page has 18,000 followers. Just imagine if each of those followers became Sustaining Members “merely” contributing $5 per month. That’s $90,000 per month, over one million dollars per year! There’s no end to the good we could do for animals in need with that kind of financial support.

Animal Ark believes so strongly in Sustaining Memberships that all members of our Board of Directors are sustaining members. Any amount you could spare monthly to fund Animal Ark’s mission would be greatly appreciated, and it’s tax deductible. Please answer Animal Ark’s call and become a Sustaining Member today. Our staff, Board, volunteers and—most importantly—our animals thank you!

And speaking of our animals, here are a few of our residents who seek forever homes. We encourage you to drop by and meet them and perhaps open your home to them in 2020!

Hello! We’re Gopa, Raizin, and Anand…three bonded siblings who were found living as strays in a boat. A very nice person brought us to Animal Ark and while we appreciate having somewhere warm to sleep and plenty of food to eat, we’re nonetheless eager to find a forever home! We’ve been through a lot together and would therefore like to stay together, so if you have room in your home and your heart for three affectionate, playful cats, come visit us at Animal Ark!
I’m Frankie, recently featured as an Underdog in the Animal Ark newsletter! I’ve been at the shelter for nearly two years, and while the staff treats me great, what I really want is a home where my family will help me feel safe and loved! I carry this stuffed animal on walks because otherwise, I like to eat rocks which I’ve been told can be unhealthy. I need a patient household where people are willing to give me the time and special attention I deserve!

I’m Taja, six years old and a very playful pup! Animal Ark staff have been very patient with me, and as a result of their hard work I’ve become a well-behaved dog who is ready for a permanent place to call home! I get along well with other dogs and think I’d do well in a home with older children! Why not bring the family to meet me today?

I’m Chino, a bit older than some of my Animal Ark friends (12 years young) and a bit on the nervous side, so it might take me some time to earn your trust. But I get along great with people, other dogs, and cats. I’m currently living with a foster family who treat me great, but what I really want is a permanent place to call home. Fill out an adoption application and we’ll arrange a meeting!

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