Adoptable animals looking for homes.

During a recent volunteer stint at Animal Ark, my wife and I discovered parts of the shelter we’d never seen before. We discovered that adoptable cats and dogs are literally available around every corner.

My name is Jeanie and I could sure use a home. Visit me on our Adoption page!

For instance, we had the pleasure of looking after Jeanie, pictured here. Jeanie was found as a stray and after a brief stop at Animal Control, made her way to Animal Ark. Jeanie is housed in what we call “The Training Room,” along with several other cats. Jeanie is one of those cats who could do with some extra patience and TLC. We can tell she enjoys having a snug, warm bed and delicious meals served up by friendly humans, but there’s a look in her eye like she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. Our staff and volunteers are doing their utmost to reassure Jeanie that there is no other shoe: This is for real. You’ll be cared for and loved until the perfect family comes along. Is your household looking for a cat with whom to share your lives? Come visit Animal Ark and ask to meet Jeanie. We think you’ll agree she’s worth the trip through Animal Ark’s cat-acombs!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Willow 2 up close and personal. Two adjectives leap out when meeting Willow: Large and energetic! Like Jeanie, Willow is an Animal Control alumni and has yet to find a forever home. We strongly encourage anyone interested in a large, playful pup to drop by the shelter with your entire family, including any other household pooches! The more the merrier. We want to ensure the perfect fit, so come visit Willow to see if she can be part of your spring/summer get-in-shape program. The riverbank in Hastings is the perfect place for a warm-weather walk, and the only thing that could make it more perfect is to have a beautiful dog like Willow at your side!

  • Visit our Adoption page for a complete listing of our available pets!
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