A New Year’s rescue story.

At Animal Ark, we understand that there are many deserving organizations vying for your donations. So why Animal Ark? We have a couple recent stories we think explain why.

One is Timmy. Timmy was a farm cat brought to our care after his “owner” noticed Timmy wasn’t looking all that great. That’s putting it mildly. Timmy had spent his entire life outdoors. He was sick, bedraggled, bleeding and his faced oozed from every possible orifice. This picture was taken after Timmy had been with us for a few days. Our attentive staff had diligently cleaned and treated Timmy’s many wounds and administered copious amounts of medications and fluids.

Now, after a month or so in Animal Ark’s care, the change in Timmy has been remarkable. Timmy is bright-eyed and inquisitive and begs for (and receives) attention from our staff at every turn. Here’s a video of Timmy getting some attention. Timmy isn’t yet ready for adoption, but when he is his lucky new owner will end up with a very affectionate cat who has quite a tale to tell.

Another cat recently brought to Animal Ark is Nugget. Her story is similar to Timmy’s. Nugget was the lone survivor of a farm-cat family. She was reportedly very ill and slated for euthanasia. A concerned neighbor called Animal Ark and asked, “Can you help?: And of course, we did. Nugget is in a foster home in need of 24/7 medical care. She is reportedly showing signs of improvement but isn’t out of the woods yet. We remain hopeful that her story will have a happy ending.

Your donations are what make stories like Timmy’s and Nugget’s possible. At Animal Ark, we dedicate whatever resources are necessary to ensure they get the second chance at life they deserve. We maintain a significant Special Need Fund that pays for the medical expenses of our medically-challenged residents. You can also donate via our website. Animal Ark also has an ever-changing Amazon Wish List. Anything you can spare is appreciated. We encourage you to become a Sustaining Donor in 2021. Monthly donations help us plan our budget so we can better serve emergency cases like Timmy and Nugget.

On behalf of residents like Timmy and Nugget: Thank you for your support!

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