Today’s Give to the Max story: Frida the kitten.

Frida’s tale is all-too-familiar. She was found abandoned outside of a Hastings’ business. She was brought to Animal Ark. Our staff realized that although Frida was friendly and otherwise healthy, she was also injured.

Frida arrived at Animal Ark with her lip separated from her jaw.

Frida’s lip was separated from her jaw. In typical hardy, kitten fashion this didn’t prevent her from enjoying the warmth and safety of our shelter, nor did it impact her appetite. However, the injury clearly couldn’t be ignored.

Animal Ark’s veterinarian took a look at Frida and puzzled over how to best address the injury. Possible solutions were as complicated as drilling into her jawbone, a painful and expensive proposition. However, the solution landed upon was both simple and ingenious: Frida’s lip is now essentially tied to her front teeth with sutures, allowing her to heal naturally. Animal Ark would of course had gone to any length to restore Frida to health, but we were grateful for the minimally-invasive solution. And so was Frida!

After Frida is given a clean bill of health, she’ll be available for adoption. So please watch our Adoption page for updates on her progress.

Our Give to the Max Campaign ensures we have adequate resources available to treat kittens like Frida, preparing them for their forever homes. The campaign runs from Nov. 1-19, culminating with Give to the Max Day on Nov. 19. If you haven’t already done so, please consider contributing. No amount is too small! We encourage our regular givers to consider becoming Matching Donors. The same goes for businesses!

Consider starting your own fundraiser on Facebook with proceeds going to Animal Ark! Here’s how.



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