Make a Mother’s Day! Foster a mama cat and her kittens until they’re ready for adoption (about eight weeks).

Right now, we have four mama cats with new litters of kittens + a fifth mama cat who will give birth shortly – and that’s just the beginning of the annual KITTENADO. A lot of innocent lives are depending on angels called Fosters!

As a Foster, all you need to provide is a safe, quiet space away from small children and pets. Animal Ark will provide everything else (that’s EVERYTHING), including mentoring for first-time Fosters. The most difficult part of Fostering will be saying goodbye to mama cat and her kittens when it’s time for them to move on to their Forever Homes.

Learn more about Fostering and complete the Fostering Application you’ll find at Or stop by Animal Ark, fall in love with a mama cat and her kittens, and fill out the application there. The cost? Zero. The experience? Priceless!

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