Houser: A Special Need Dog

Usually we like to begin posts with adorable photos of our amazing animals, but today we bring you a couple x-rays of our most recent Special Need dog. The patient’s name is Houser. Like many Animal Ark dogs, Houser came to us with serious medical needs. In his case, a badly injured leg. 

As you can see, Houser’s hips appear displaced. A telltale sign of the injuries he sustained before arriving in our care.
Houser’s knee also needed attention. Animal Ark obtained Houser the veterinary care he needed to address his many medical issues.

We took Houser to our vet and after a thorough exam, the following list of injuries was discovered:

Click the image to see Houser’s daily schedule. As you can see, Animal Ark goes to great lengths to ensure our animals get the best care.

Houser endured his surgeries like a champion. He’s now in recovery and physical therapy. Here’s a link to Houser having water therapy to help heal his body after surgery

Houser with an ice pack soothing his aching body.
Houser managing a smile despite recovering from extensive surgery.

Animal Ark maintains a significant Special Need Fund for animals like Houser. We pride ourselves on taking in many animals that other shelters won’t. This means extra expenses. We are grateful to our faithful donors for helping keep this fund replenished. If you can spare a contribution to our Special Need Fund to help dogs like Houser get the care they need, please consider donating today

Houser thanks you for supporting Animal Ark!

Houser will be available for adoption after healing completely. Check our adoption page for our available cats and dogs.

Houser patiently awaits a treat.
Houser, bashful and sleepy after physical therapy.

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