A behind-the-scenes look at Animal Ark.

Most people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes at Animal Ark to get animals ready for prime time; i.e. emotionally and physically ready for forever homes. Today we’d like to share the behind-the-scenes stories of some of our animals to give you an idea of the time, patience and resources Animal Ark devotes to its residents.


Despite having endured unpleasant circumstances, it didn’t take long for Seymour to bounce back.

This handsome boy’s name is Seymour. He was adopted from Animal Ark many years ago. Recently he turned up on our doorstep again under rather heartbreaking circumstances. We won’t share details; suffice it to say that Seymour is fortunate to be alive and glad to be back in the care of Animal Ark.

When Seymour arrived at Animal Ark his favorite (in fact only) pastime was sleeping with his head covered tightly in his paw. Seymour had experienced some unpleasant things and it was clear he simply wanted to snooze the day away, undisturbed by humans and other cats.

Now, weeks after arriving at Animal Ark, Seymour has responded to the affection and medical attention he’s received. It doesn’t take much coaxing from our volunteers to get Seymour purring loudly. He’s learned to trust again. Seymour isn’t quite ready for a forever home (there are lingering medical concerns to be addressed) but we’re confident that before long Seymour will get his second chance at a forever home.

Seymour’s treatment couldn’t have happened without your help, so on behalf of our staff, volunteers and Seymour himself: Thank you for supporting Animal Ark!

Evonne and Sienna

Evonne and Sienna are former residents of a breeding facility. Our staff and volunteers are acclimating them to positive human contact.

Evonne and Sienna came to Animal Ark from less-than-ideal circumstances. They previously lived at a breeding facility and had very little room to play and virtually no positive human interaction. Animal Ark encounters more situations like this than we’d care to share.

Despite their background, Evonne and Sienna are remarkably friendly and resilient. However, they do remain skittish and try to break free of their collars once in a while to catch up on some of the freedom they lost while confined. Animal Ark’s staff and volunteers are giving this bonded pair the patience, kindness and love they need to become ready for forever homes. Our intention is to have them on our adoption page sooner rather than later so that they can live out the rest of their days in a loving forever home.

It’s your donations that make stories like these possible! There are many ways to support our No-kill Mission. See below for details, and of course call us during business hours with questions or to get involved.

Thank you for supporting Animal Ark!

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